E-Bikes von Kreidler mit Bosch E-Bike Technik

BOSCH E-Bike Technology

You can rely on that. Kreidler e-bikes with drive technology from BOSCH

BOSCH e-bike systems are innovative, quiet and extremely reliable. Five driving modes and a precise motor control with fast processing of the sensor signals provide dynamics and increase the range. For almost all Kreidler e-bikes, we rely on the low-maintenance technology from BOSCH – depending on the e-bike model, the following drive systems vary:

E-Bike Technik – Kreidler

BOSCH Performance Line CXFor big challenges: The new Performance Line CX accelerates powerfully and convinces with sporty, agile handling. The compact and lightweight drive is protected against stone chips and splash water and scores with a torque of up to 75 Nm and pedal assistance up to 340%

E-Bike Technik – Kreidler

BOSCH Performance Line

Sporty 65 Nm torque and pedal assistance up to 275% - always at the right moment, even in the mountains. The driving feeling remains natural at all times, in off-mode and over 25 km / h with hardly noticeable pedaling resistance. And all very easy, especially silent.

E-Bike Technik – Kreidler

BOSCH Active Line Plus

Driving pleasure for City & Tour: The 3.2 kg lightweight offers top handling, up to 270% support and a max. Torque of 50 Nm. Highlight: no pedaling resistance at over 25 km / h.

E-Bike Technik – Kreidler

Display Kiox

Design meets functionality: The scratch-resistant color display of the Kiox shows the battery charge level, speed, heart rate or your own performance. Robust, small, compact and with a separate control unit, Kiox is the perfect training partner for ambitious drivers.

E-Bike Technik – Kreidler

Display Intuvia

Clear information, intuitive control. Thanks to a separate control unit, your hands remain safely on the handlebar and all driving data in the best possible field of view. Thanks to the shift recommendation, you always drive in the right gear; This protects the battery and increases the range.

E-Bike Technik – Kreidler

Display Purion

Purion stands for maximum efficiency and easy operation. Positioned directly on the handlebar grip, Purion easily controls the e-bike and provides information on the state of charge, speed, driving mode, range, trip and overall distance.

BOSCH E-Bike Batteries - Powerpacks for Kreidler e-bikes

Fully integrated or as a DualBattery system - BOSCH lithium-ion batteries are efficient and enduring and combine long ranges with easy handling. The best possible protection is provided by a battery management system, eg. B. overcharging or overheating. In addition, it increases the life of the cells.

For variable placement or DualBattery, various power packs are available - with capacities of 400 Wh or 500 Wh, a voltage of 36 volts and a current of 11 Ah.

Perfect for touring bikers or long-distance commuters is DualBattery - the combination of two Bosch batteries with a capacity of up to 1,000 Wh.

Hidden e-bike energy: fully integrated batteries

Design, protection and freedom of movement: fully integrated PowerTubes are almost invisible and combine function and design. The integrated installation provides protection against dirt and damage; The robust aluminum housing makes the battery shake-proof and impact-resistant. With a capacity of up to 500 Wh and a weight of about 2.8 kg, the fully integrated PowerTube is one of the lightest lithium-ion batteries of its kind.

Charging is also easy - you can leave the battery in the wheel for charging or remove it quickly and easily. Our e-bike with Bosch battery comes with a corresponding charger.