Kreidler Cross/Mountainbike/MTB

Mountainbikes von Kreidler
Dice 29er 7.0
Dice 29er 7.0 Shimano Deore XT 20-speed / Disc
Dice 29er 6.0
Dice 29er 6.0 Shimano Deore 27-speed / Disc
Dice 27,5er 4.0
Dice 27,5er 4.0 Shimano Deore 24-speed / Disc
Dice 29er 4.0
Dice 29er 4.0 Shimano Deore 24-speed / Disc
Dice 27,5er 3.0
Dice 27,5er 3.0 Shimano TX800 24-speed / Disc
Dice 29er 3.0
Dice 29er 3.0 Shimano TX800 24-speed / Disc
Dice 27,5er 3.0 Street
Dice 27,5er 3.0 Street Shimano TX800 24-speed / Disc
Dice 29er 3.0 Street
Dice 29er 3.0 Street Shimano TX800 24-speed / Disc
Dice 26" 1.0 Street
Dice 26" 1.0 Street Shimano 21-speed / V-Brake
Stack 6.0 Sport
Stack 6.0 Sport Shimano Claris 2x8 Gang / Disc
Stack 28" 2.0 Street
Stack 28" 2.0 Street Shimano TX800 24-speed / V-Brake

Qualität aus Oldenburg

Made in Oldenburg

At Kreidler, quality is the focus. In line with our "Made in Oldenburg" seal of quality, we produce E-bikes as the perfect combination of brand components, state-of-the-art technology and modern production methods.

Testlabor – Kreidler  

Our test laboratory

We always focus on the stability and rigidity of our E-bikes. In our in-house test laboratory we create conditions that are well above standard European norms.

Unabhängige Tests – Kreidler

Independent tests

The impressive Kreidler E-bikes are noted for their design, their innovative technology and, more and more, their racing performance. We are always happy to get our products tested by independent test institutes, such as Stiftung Warentest. You can read the latest test reports here.

Fahrradregistrierung – Kreidler

Bike registration

Kreidler offers you the chance to protect your E-bike from theft using an online bicycle coding system.

Cross/Mountainbike: choose your weapon

Our state-of-the-art Mountain bike models are extremely lightweight despite their solid fittings, and they win over even the most ambitious bikers with their impeccable performance. The fact that in all our lightweight construction we only ever use top quality components reflects our constant pursuit of quality and optimum function.

Designed for use in challenging terrain, our Cross/MTBs stand out for their optimal combination of high self-damping characteristics and playfully agile manoeuvrability, all at a perfect price-performance ratio.

Kreidler Cross/mountain bikes/MTBs – providing faster, more flexible and more innovative riding satisfaction.

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